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For over a decade now, Altos Floor Covering has specialized in the distribution and installation of a wide variety of flooring, and flooring related products to both the commercial and residential consumer. Whether it be Glue, Smooth Edge, Moldings, Under Lay, Carpet, Laminate, and everything in between, Altos provides the highest level of Service, and highest quality of materials available.

Through the years, it has worked closely with manufacturers and installers, creating strong industry connections and relationships. Through these relationships, Altos can provide the highest level of specialization and expertise available anywhere on the market today.

It knows exactly what is required to take a project from the early stages of conception to the satisfaction of completion. It’s Specialization and focus in this field means Altos will always be one step ahead of its competitors when it comes to the ever-changing trends in this industry. Ensuring its ability to always provide the best help and advice for any job, regardless of difficulty or size.

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